Special Offers

Most of our special offers and discounts are available in all our stores, however we do have individual store offers from time to time. Please check with your local store to find out more aboutĀ their individual store offers.

2 for 1

Buy 2 pair of glasses and pay for only 1

You’ve probably seen this offered by other opticiansĀ BUT uniquely, i care opticians supply the same quality lenses in your second pair as you choose in your first pair.
For example isunglassesf you require bifocals or zeiss varifocals then you will get the same premium quality lenses in your second pair completely free.
We all need sunglasses at some time, and with our 2 for 1 offer you can get them absolutely FREE.
Just ask us to provide your second pair as prescription sunglasses – it’s as easy as that!